Tech we like: Deno

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Deno is a light weight, feature-rich, secure alternative to NodeJS.

We like Deno here at Oak Studio because it makes blazing fast updates and deploys possible for any of our websites. We can publish a new blog post in less than a minute, without worrying about about installing gigabytes of code to build the site.

Deno offers toolings out of the box that we use to make the code bundles small and fast when you loaded this page. Deno also has well-maintained packages like this static site generator we use heavily.

Some more reasons:

Summed up

Deno is making web development faster, more performant, and more modern with rapidly increasing momentum. We're on board, and want our clients to reap the benefits!

Are you into minimizing dependencies? Do you have front-end devolpment with WebGL in your portfolio? We'd love to talk about working with you.


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