East Texas Elderberries

B2B Farm

East Texas Elderberries is the elderberry farm that produces organically grown products for crafty moms and resourceful businesses who want to buy local and keep their families and customers healthy.

Muscle Car Blue
Pantone 295 C
True Maroon
Pantone 1815 C
Organic Cream
Pantone 7506 C


The target market for East Texas Elderberries is families or businesses that want to create their own syrup or elderberry products. They sell elderberries in a frozen or dehydrated form and wanted a brand that could scale rapidly with production.

A collection of boxes stamped with the East Texas Elderberries seal

East Texas Elderberries expressed that they never wanted to lose sight of their orientation toward family.

As we discovered more about this elderberry farm, it became clear that family and generational legacy were the heartbeat of the operation. That gave us a starting point, from which we looked to design something timeless, approachable, and durable.

A mother teaching her daughter to plant crops in the soil.

From billboards to browsers

This identity needed to adapt fluidly for every application. To solve this, we designed logo alternates, which would work at different scales: from as large as a billboard design to as small as a browser favicon.

Speaking of web browsing...

East Texas Elderberries wanted a way to reinforce their brand while interacting online. To help with that, we designed a set of icons to supplement content on their website. These icons were a great visual aid to catch and hold attention of potential customers.

Social media was an important place for East Texas Elderberries to put their best foot forward.

On-brand ads were a must-have for catching the eyes of their target market. So, we got to work.

An iPhone with a facebook ad for the business


In the end, we helped East Texas Elderberries establish a brand identity that works in every area they needed. They are a family business that is well-equipped to look attractive and trustworthy for many generations to come.

Two shopping paper bags, branded with the The East Texas Elderberries identity

“We had a wonderful experience with the team.”

“The outstanding quality and the attention to detail was beyond compare. I highly recommend their services.”

- Ed Wells

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