Harmony Health

Medical Practice

Harmony Health is a direct primary care practice in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Their brand messaging is summed up in the tagline, “Optimal health comes from harmony of body, mind, and spirit.”

Trusted Navy
Pantone 2955 C
Synergy Blue
Pantone 2925 C
Clean Green
Pantone 7465 C

Looking the part

We selected Inter, a modern, trustworthy typeface befitting of this small business. Some letterforms were tweaked to make the mark slightly more approachable.

By analyzing business goals and customer demographics, we were able to arrive at a logo identity which complements the Harmony Health message.

Throughout the discovery process, music and sound emerged as the dominant theme.

Although Harmony Health did not offer music therapy services, the identity needed to include a musical element.

The launch

In the end, Harmony Health, Direct Primary Care was able to successfully launch with an identity that serves well in their primarily digital contexts. The final mark is confident, bold, and balanced, showing that direct healthcare helps to harmonize every aspect of patient well-being.

A hero image to assist the Harmony Health marketing efforts.


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