The Elderberry Wine Company

Small Business
Identity \ Packaging

The Elderberry Wine Company is a winery owned and operated by 360 Farms, who makes specialty wines for health-conscious moms and those who prefer natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products.

Elderflower Gold
Pantone 150 C
Dry Red
Pantone 1805 C
Sweet Rosé
Pantone 205 C
Elder Indigo
Pantone 5255 C

Colorful language

We explored several color palettes throughout the design process. Each color represents a specific member of The Elderberry Wine Company's selection. The final palette highlights a unique quality of each specialty blend.

The Elderberry Wine Company inherited the brand fonts of its parent company, 360 Farms. Pairing Bodoni* 11 with Montserrat Semibold offered a reliably elegant, modern way to communicate on wine labels, signage, and in digital environments.

A stationary design for the Elderberry Wine Company


The design element below the wordmark offered creative applications in patterns and on packaging. The illustrative icon ties the mark together and uniquely distinguishes The Elderberry Wine Company from competition.

A bottle of elderberry rose wine A bottle of elderflower sweet white wine A bottle of elderberry red


The familiar colors, distinct seal, and bold design helped make the debut of The Elderberry Wine Company a huge success.

Two wine glasses being filled with elderberry wine


East Texas Elderberries


My Raggedy Herbs