360 Farms

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Identity \ Strategy

360 Farms is the only business that makes start-to-finish elderberry products for people seeking value and quality. The goal was to reinforce their brand with those wanting improved health and well-being in an era of McDonald’s and WalMart.

Elder Indigo
Pantone 5255 C
Neutral Grey
Pantone 7543 C
Deep Roots
Pantone 468 C

The demand for elderberry products had increased in recent years, and 360 Farms' core demographic was shifting. They felt their brand was not striking a chord with customers.

The hero image of 360 farms

We brought farming full circle.

Customer Profiles

Before designing their identity, we studied customer archetypes to help 360 Farms be as relevant as possible to their purveyors. We discovered two core customer profiles to help ensure that the brand would resonate with as much of 360 Farms audience as possible.


Julia is a crunchy mom who is interested in organic, novel products. She probably homeschools.


A middle-aged man who wants an alternative to prescription drugs for health and longevity.

For 360 Farms, family was an extremely important brand attribute.

The land on which the farm operated had been kept in the family since 1947. This made it important to start from a place of heritage and belonging.

We worked with 360 Farms to develop a system of colors, fonts, and logo formats that made the brand fluid and durable.

From elderflower soaps to elderberry wines, 360 Farms produces and sells it all. Because of this wide range of products, they had great need for a versatile logo that would work in any context.


Since refreshing their brand, 360 Farms is helping even more high-quality people live high-quality lives through the power of elderberry products.


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